How much time do you spend commuting?

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Most of us want to get closer to something. Closer to our goals, to our loved ones, closer to our next vacation. lol! Well…this Article is about all of that. We want to help you get closer to your best quality of life.   

The average working person spends more time at work and commuting than they do in a relaxed state. 

Once you add technology to the mix, things get more interesting. There is always someone vying for your attention. Needing an answer or response right away. Deadlines often spurring late nights and early mornings. How can we bring some of that stress down? Which one of these things could you eliminate? Which one would make the biggest impact? Hmmm…lets see.

Unless there are a significant amount of days you can work from home, long commutes should be the first on your list. Working from home can also be a challenge. Let’s face it, most of us are not strong enough to stay focused and not take that nap. Maybe, just maybe this is why workplaces are for work. If you are organized enough to do so, kudos to you. If you’re happy with your log commute home because you are saving money, let’s evaluate that.  

My personal experience with commuting was eye-opening. When it was time to buy my first place, I had a choice between a 1 bedroom in the suburbs and a studio in the city. The 1 bedroom had the same price and I’d be close to the metro. Sounds like a winner, and it was. It was luck and a good deal. However, it ended up costing me more in many ways.

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When I lived in the city, I rode a bike or walked. I used public transportation so infrequently I never noticed how costly it could be. The metro in the DMV can be expensive. Prices fluctuating between rush hour can be the same price as “Uber pool.”  Being at the mercy of the mero schedule was also a new thing. No longer could I run home for lunch and do a load of laundry. Eventually I bought a car which definitely increased my monthly expenses. Overall my suburban good deal cost me more than the city studio. All because of time served, I mean time commuting.

If your commute is over 30 mins each way, think about that as lost productivity time or other things that make you happy. 

Take a look at the chart which shows how many days a year you lose commuting.

commute time table

Start living your best life today. Avoid stress, spend less time on the road. Whether you work in the city or the “burbs,” being closer to home base gives you a lot more flexibility with your time. Time is money, so what’s your time worth?

Problems caused by Commute

  • Time loss: Extensive commute times and being stuck in traffic now days is inevitable which causes you to lose time valuable time you could be spending in a family breakfast, reading a book or even sleeping more. 
  • “Time is our most precious and finite resource. You can not buy more of it. If you are spending it commuting, consider what it is costing you.”
  • Stress: a 2004 study by Cornell University found that longer journeys are correlated with higher levels of cortisol, which is the primary stress hormone, that can lead to bigger health issues.
  • Sleep deprivation : because of the longer commutes, we don’t have enough time to rest and sleep!, taking a nap in the train doesn’t count as fully resting, which can cause impari mood, and a less ability to retain information.
  • Relationship problems: all of the issues above can affect your personal relationships and potentially lead to people drifting apart.


Leaving a side those problems, Let’s talk about the advantages of working close to home!

  • Save time: spend valuable time with your family or yourself, Improve your social life.
  • Sleep more: you have more time to sleep if you organize your schedule, which leads to more physical health, more energy and happiness.
  • More Productivity
  • Save money: less commuting means less wear and tear on your vehicle, or no public transportation costs

Are you ready to move closer? Let’s talk!


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