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Inclusive D.C. and the LGBTQ+ Community

Inclusive D.C. and the LGBTQ+ Community

One of the things I love about D.C. is how diverse and inclusive it is. ⁣

Especially for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s one of the proudest cities in the country. ⁣

I wanted to highlight the LGBTQ+ community in D.C. in my blog this month.

How much time do you spend commuting?

Unless there are a significant amount of days you can work from home, long commutes should be the first on your list. Working from home can also be a challenge. Let’s face it, most of us are not strong enough to stay focused and not take that nap. Maybe, just maybe this is why workplaces are for work. If you are organized enough to do so, kudos to you. If you’re happy with your log commute home because you are saving money, let’s evaluate that.

How’s the Real Estate Market?

The truth is, if its the right deal, IT IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT TIME TO BUY. Unless you are in a crunch selling, can be a little more of a seductive mystery. For this article, we’re keeping the focus on buying. As realtors, we are here to help you find the perfect home...

What really makes a house sell

Is a question realtors get from sellers and buyers alike. Sellers want to know what will earn them top dollar and buyers want to know what they should be paying for. To be clear, the condition of the structure of the property and what buyers are willing to...

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